Your Pool

An effective solar pool heating system can be installed for almost any pool in any location. Your Sungrabber dealer is the best resource to determine the ideal installation for your individual home and pool configuration.
In addition to where you live, there are a number of factors that are considered when optimizing a solar pool heating system.

Factor 1: What is the ideal orientation for solar collectors?
Orientation Explanation
South The ideal orientation for your solar collectors is a south-facing pitched roof, near the pool, with enough space for mounting the required number of collectors.
West An installation on a west-facing roof works well for summer heating, in some installations the collector area may need to be increased.
East Eastern exposures tend to be less effective and, therefore, less economical. Increasing the collector area is the recommended approach for an eastern orientation.
North Northern exposures are not usually recommended, except in certain areas of the country.
The modular nature of the solar collector makes it easy to tailor the system to a specific site. Be certain that the orientation you select is not shaded by trees or other structures. Remember, the effectiveness of a solar system is directly dependent on the amount of direct sunlight that the solar collectors receive.
Your Sungrabber dealer can work with you to identify the ideal orientation and location for your solar pool heating system.


Factor 2: What is the best inclination for the solar collectors?
Season Inclination
Year-Round Equal to the latitude of the installation location. For example, the collectors for an installation in Tampa, Florida would be a 27-degree angle since Tampa is located at 27 degrees latitude.
Summer Equal to the latitude minus 10 to 15 degrees.
Winter Equal to the latitude plus 10 to 15 degrees.
The inclination of the solar collectors is less important than their orientation. However, the inclination should always exceed 10 degrees to ensure proper drainage.
For additional information on Sizing your Solar Pool Heating System, use the Solar Collector Calculator sizing chart.