Solar Technology

Solar energy refers to the use of the sun’s rays, rather than electricity, oil, kerosene or natural gas, to provide heat for a wide variety of uses.sunsaver-collectorweb

Sunlight strikes and heats an “absorber” surface on a solar thermal collector. A solar thermal collector is a solar collector specifically intended to collect heat from the sun. With Sungrabber Solar Pool Heaters, the sun’s heat is transferred to the water as it flows through our patented polymer tubing on the solar collector. A simple illustration of this concept is when a garden hose is left lying in the sun and warms the water passing through it.

The size and number of tubes on the solar collector, as well as the surface material, affect how well the sun’s warmth is captured and transferred to the water. 

The smaller the tubes, the slower the flow of water through them, which enables more heat to be transferred to the water. If the number of tubes is increased, then more water can be heated by the sun.


The sun’s energy heats each tube on the solar collector. This heat is then transferred to the water flowing through it.
water flowing through the solar panel tube


All Sungrabber solar heating systems are manufactured at our state-of-the-art research, design and production facility in California under exacting, quality-controlled conditions.