Solar Benefits

Renewable solar energy is easy and cost-effective:2solar-benefitsweb

  • Reduces your energy bills
    No matter how high the cost of energy gets, you’ll enjoy an abundant supply of hot water when you have your own solar water “utility.” 
  • Adds value to your home
    An article from The Appraisal Journal suggests that home values increase by about $20 for every $1 deduction in annual utility bills.*
  • Is the most environmentally friendly energy
    Solar energy is the cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy; it does not produce any greenhouse emissions; it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the use of electricity generated by fossil fuel power plants.

Sungrabber Solar Pool Heaters:

  • Heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature using the power of the sun
  • Extend your swim season with luxuriously warm water on those cooler days or nights
  • Dramatically reduce pool heating costs
  • Pay for themselves within 2 to 4 years
  • Work with above ground pools
  • Work with most existing pool pumps
  • Help protect you from rising energy costs by using free renewable energy from the sun to heat your pool water
  • Have the lowest operational costs ~ energy is free from the sun
  • Have the lowest maintenance costs
  • Last longer due to fewer moving parts and no corrosion
*Source: The Appraisal Journal: More Evidence of Rational Market Values for Home Energy Efficiency, October 1999.